I’m sad to leave, as wallpaperart has been one of the best things I’ve done in 2011. Thank you to all who followed me to the very end :) Both to my 2,061 followers and non-tumblr onlookers. I hope I have served you well.
This blog will stay as it is, frozen in time, with my year’s pick of wallpapers. I won’t be deleting this blog ever, so all your reblogs/likes/bookmarks are safe. And who knows? Perhaps I’ll return again one day.

But as I go, I won’t leave you stranded! Here are my favorite wallpaper sites, full of new, fresh content…without these sites I would be at a loss.

I will check my messages occasionally if anyone finds a source or needs a hi-res version…if you ask anonymously though, I won’t reply…you’ll just have to check back in a couple days.

It’s been a real slice, guys. Best wishes, and I hope that your desktop background will always be lovely. ♥ TK

Feb 11th / 55 notes
Feb 11th / 65 notes
A menagerie of books - by Syncaidia
Feb 11th / 33 notes
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - fanart wallpaper
Feb 11th / 47 notes
Doctor Who - altered artwork wallpaper
Feb 11th / 57 notes
Tangled - concept art wallpaper
Feb 11th / 26 notes
Pokemon - fanart wallpaper
Feb 11th / 47 notes
Batman - logo wallpaper
Feb 10th / 38 notes
The Chronicles of Narnia - altered artwork wallpaper
Feb 10th / 21 notes
Cowboy Bebop - altered artwork wallpaper
Feb 10th / 26 notes
The Legend of Korra - altered artwork wallpaper (source)
Feb 10th / 50 notes
Legend of Zelda - fanart wallpaper
Feb 10th / 66 notes
WALL-E - fanart wallpaper (source)
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Just finding and sharing some nerdy, simple, scenic, artsy-ish wallpapers.
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